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Designed by American architect Louis Kahn in the 1960’s in beautiful La Jolla, California, the Salk Institute is not only an important research institution for biology and natural sciences, it is also a breathtaking work of art. Kahn’s love for natural light is evident in the laboratories that are bathed in the warmth of California sunshine and the fantastic view of the ocean on the west end of the institution. Kahn’s “light wells” bring natural light into even the subterranean levels of the Salk Institute, creating a welcoming and airy environment for scientists. The creamy stone that composes most of the building is travertine marble, which is less expensive than real marble but still very attractive.

"Architects in planning rooms today have forgotten their faith in natural light.  Depending on the touch of a finger to a switch, they are satisfied with static light and forget the endlessly changing qualities of natural light, in which a room is a different room every second of the day," Kahn stated.

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